Find Suppliers of Agriculture Products


The problem facing the world is the serious lack of food required for all the people on this planet. It is noticeable mostly in the Third World countries where poverty is very much obvious. The condition is much frustrating with the growth of populations. The number of people suffering from a lack of food is over one billion people worldwide.


The worldwide food supply depends on environmental, methodological, geographical and sociopolitical aspects. The Center for Farm Transitions (CFBT) is an international center for research in farming and building up an approach of steady food supply throughout the world.


The Center for Farm Transitions has brought together lots of agricultural research professionals, suppliers, farmers, retailers, and other organizations to find new ways to create new farm products. They intend to combine the latest advances in science and technology for farming.


The CFBT aims at the innovation of new technologies and makes sure that the solutions are always available to farmers in both rural and remote areas. It has already developed a strong network of experts consisting of scientists, technologists, and engineers. They are working together to find out a new answer to the development in this line of farming.


The Center for Farm Transitions began under the Agricultural Research Institute at the University of Technology. The institute carries out research based on current findings to help boost the mindset of competitiveness among the people of the countryside by developing new farm products. The center is optimistic to strengthen the global food supply platform with the partnership of the Agricultural Research Institute.

The CFBT anticipates that its research and programs for Agriculture products will be able to provide solutions to the problems that farmers across the world are dealing with. Among these issues, those that are vital to them are food security, natural calamity and atmospheric change.


Working with the Center for Farm Transitions makes you globally motivated. It will enable you to deal with the international market and will place you in your better stand so that you can generate more revenues.


The transition of a farming operation, therefore, presents a lot of possibilities and unlimited prospects for farmers. From value-added Agriculture products to the production of farm products, the farm transitioning brings the beginner farmers enough resources to set out for family-run businesses.


The CFBT can help you in planning your future in farming. You may avail the following opportunities: You can

  • Enter the farming vocation
  • Plan expansion of the farm
  • Get financial support for the growth of the farm
  • Avail helps with multi-farming families
  • Avail management strategies of the farm owners

The mission of the Center for Farm Transitions is to speed up agricultural productivity, diversification, and risk minimization.